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Monitor Fundamental

The first ever fundamental charting tool in Thailand that will help investors visualize and compare companies’ financial data.

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Monitor Screener

Advanced financial screener that will help narrow down investment opportunities and find your next big win.

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Monitor Compare

Comparing multiple stocks and their financial data all at once to find out which one stand out from the crowd.

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Monitor Technical

Analyze stock price technical movements with simple, yet fast and modern, technical charting tool.

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Premium Member Testimonials

"I had the chance to use SETMONITOR and found that the fundamental data provided dates back over 10 years, technical chart also has data since the stock market established. The design makes the site easy to use, scanning for information becomes easier. SETMONITOR is a tool that investors shouldn't miss." — Dr. Anant Kormonkoludom Investor, Author of the Best Seller "38 Strategies to Profit in the Stock Market".

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All financial data provided on the site are licensed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the list of licensed providors are here

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The overwhelming response of our early users have been how much time one can save from research when everything an investor needs is in one place.

Supported devices

Our website supports desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms. Access our site through your preferred browser, we recommend Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, respectively, for best user experience

Stock Ranking

We rank stocks using ratios and financial data within industries to find out the best value and investment opportunities.

Investor Community

Join and help build a truly open investor community to share investment ideas, news, and much more.

Secure Payment Gateway

Multiple payment channels are available from direct deposit, debit card, credit card, to counter service payment.

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"Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far" — Warren Buffett

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