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Monitor Screener

A Unique Financial Scanning Tool

Finding the perfect investment is not easy and usually takes a lot of time, whether to research for valuable information, compiling all the financial data, and make a sense of what they say and what the trends are. Realizing this problem, Monitor Screener is born, this tool will allow for investors to set conditions that they find are important factors in contributing to a company's success, and filter out the rest. At a short amount of time and tons of room for creativity Monitor Screener is the solution.

Screener condition example:

  1. Market capitalization over 2 billion baht
  2. Dividend yield over the last 12 month of over 3%
  3. P/BV of less than 3 times over the last year
  4. P/E more than 1 but less than 20 times
  5. Earnings growth of over 20% QoQ
  6. Only stocks within the Technology Sector

The system will screen for quotes that matches all conditions that you set within a minute. Without such a tool, investors would spend days compiling all the relevant financial data and screen for each of the quotes that matches the defined conditions.

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Monitor Compare

A Simplified Comparison Tool

In understanding which company's performance is outstanding, investors will usually compare companies within the same industry and look for outperformance. Investors can also compare investment decisions in different stocks they are interested in and find the one that stands out. Monitor Compare makes this incredibly easy through its simplified design and flexibility in the financial metrics available for selection.

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Monitor Fundamental

First Fundamental Charting in Thailand

Many tools were developed to help investors make wiser investment decisions, most of which are in the quantitative and technical investment sphere. What is missing is a tool that focuses on the fundamental side of investing. The fundamental chart is precisely that, the first fundamantal charting tool with more flexibility and simplicity than any other tool in the market. See the trends of any company's financial information and compare among them, or between companies, even comparing with key economic indicators is not out of reach

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Monitor Technical

A Unique Financial Scanning Tool

Technical charting tool equipped with drawing and measurement tools, auto-memorization of drawings and quotes among other things

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Data from SET

We use licensed data directly from Stock Exchange of Thailand. List of official license here

20 Years Financial Data

Investors have access to financial data starting from 1996

Financial Analyses

Countless financial ratios like current ratio, ROA, ROE, ROIC, and many more

Quarterly Data

Seeing and comparing all financial statement accounts accurately in quarterly figures

TTM Data

Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) gives more insightful view of the the trends through the most recent fundamental changes

QoQ and YoY Data

See the fundamental changes in Quarter on Quarter and Year on Year fundamental shifts

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