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Fundamental analyses requires collection and interpretation of massive data sets, mostly going through tables of raw numbers and working through spreadsheets in order to derive simply the data to be analysed. Looking for trends in a company’s fundamentals, hidden values, or even comparing financial informations within and between companies all of which requires time.

Monitor Fundamental aims to be the tool that helps reduce that preparation time simply by allowing investors to select companies and their fundamental data, and visualize it through graphical tools.

Time Intervals

Financial data available to investors are plenty, some of which can be displayed in a daily interval, such as P/E ratio, and some need to be displayed in a quarterly basis like financial statement items. We recognize that need for flexibility and thus the chart is able to display from Daily, Quarterly, Yearly, Trailing-Twelve-Months, and even in a QoQ and YoY basis.


As different timeframes can have specific implications to investors, Monitor Fundamental is able to display from 1, 3, 5, to 10 years, and finally even back to the start of data being collected. In the case of some companies that would be ever since the Stock Exchange had started operating.


Financial data are complex and diverse sets of numbers, putting them together requires the visualization to be flexible. Monitor Fundamentals allows users to customise how each of the selected data will be displayed, whether in Line Chart, Area Chart, or Columns.

Chart Library

There are many ways the chart can be used and thus having to recreate the selections and chart customizations everything is not effective. Monitor Fundamental allows investors to save multiple pre-customised charts in order to simply select from the library in future use.


Sharing the fundamental chart is easy, whether it is through the automatically generated link or social media channels. Investors can also download the chart as an image or print as PDF.

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